Grosvenor/Native Land, Chelsea, London

Installed April 2015

Sculptor, Simon Hitchens, grandson of Ivon Hitchens, was commissioned to create a unique sculpture for a new residential development in Chelsea, London. Inspiration was developed from Hitchen’sprevious work “Positive Emptiness” into massive solid granite and bronze forms that measure 2.5 metreshigh. The granite block, a beautiful dark mahogany colour, was sourced in Scotland, originating from Dakota, USA. The work was created by making a silicone mould of the rough rock surface. This was then backed up with a hard shell in glass fibre (GRP). A second silicone mould was then made from the first at a foundry in Wales. The double mould technique is extremely labour and materials intensive, yet it allowed Simon to make a final cast object in bronze, which immaculately fits the roughly textured originating surface of the rock.