Matchmakers Wharf, Hackney

Commissioned by property developer, Telford Homes Plc, one of London’s largest residential developers, this project celebrated the historic significance and much-loved Matchbox toy brand connected with the Lesney Toy factory site (1953-1997).  The Matchbox brand was given its name because the original die-cast Matchbox toys were sold in boxes similar to those in which matches were for sale. The public sculpture commemorates the first and last Matchbox car toys made at this site. 

The new development transforms the derelict factory to create a unique residential development located on the fringe of the Olympic Park, London. It includes 3,500m² of commercial space and 209 new homes alongside… 49 new artists’ studios! This diverse and vibrant development leads the way for future regeneration in this location – hopefully including more artists’ studios too.